Message from the President

The Seventh Annual ILAPSC Conference is now open for registration. The conference will be held October 3-4, with early registration on October 2. You may access registration by clicking on the “ILAPSC Conference” tab at the top of the screen, and selecting 2019 Conference Registration.

I am excited to announce our speakers this year include Terrence Walton, Amy Miles, Judge Steven Goss, Mark Sanders, and Joe Lunievicz among others. We are also looking forward to an expanded conference with Friday afternoon ethics breakout sessions for both legal and clinical ethics, along with a session for Narcan Training for those who do not need to attend an ethics session.

We have also created a discussion board on our website. You can navigate to the board through the “Discussion” tab at the top. We are hopeful that this can be a forum where problem-solving court team members from across the state can collaborate and share information about best-practices within their problem-solving court. If you have questions or feedback about the discussion board, please submit a comment in the “Contact Us” link under the “About Us” tab above.


Janet Holmgren, President

Illinois Association of Problem-Solving Courts

Illinois Problem Solving Court Standards & Certification Process

The Illinois Problem-Solving Court Standards and Certification and Application process were approved by the Supreme Court in November, 2015. All Problem-Solving Courts (adult courts as labeled in the Standards) have to be certified by the Supreme Court. Any new Problem-Solving Court must be certified prior to starting.

PSC Standards Click Here
PSC Certification Process Click Here
PSC Certification Application Process Click Here
Amended Supreme Court Rule Click Here

Want to know more about problem-solving courts?

The Officers and Members of the Board of Directors of ILAPSC represent counties from throughout the State of Illinois. They serve in a variety of positions in their respective Courts including members of the judiciary, attorneys, probation officers, substance abuse and mental health professionals and members of other agencies and associations including NAMI and TASC.

Perhaps you would benefit from visiting one of several of our problem-solving courts throughout Illinois. We would be more than happy to help. Contact ILAPSC for assistance in planning or implementing your problem-solving court.