Jason Falsetti
We would like to thank Jason Falsetti, a 2011 graduate of the Mason County Drug Court Program, for designing the logo for the newly established ILAPSC association. Jason remains very active in his recovery, and credits drug court for helping him achieve sobriety.

Testimonial received from a Kane County Treatment Alternative Court graduate:

The treatment alternative court program changed my life. Before the program I was getting into trouble and not taking my medication like I was suppose to; I was very unstable. Instead of spending time in prison I was given a chance with TAC. The psychological social rehabilitation program gave my coping skills when dealing with my disorder. Because of TAC I am on the correct path; I take my medicine for my bipolar disorder and I am stable now. TAC allowed me to redeem myself with out prison, and I am grateful for it.

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Charity Mustered celebrated her graduation from Fulton County Drug Court with her son and Judge William Davis at Fulton County Courthouse.

After she overcame her addiction, she earned a GED and found a job. Mustered is now thinking about going back to school and finding a place of her own.

By Hannah Schrodt of the Daily Ledger (May. 17, 2013 @ 9:30 am)

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