Agendas & Minutes:

NOTE:  Only the most recent minutes will be posted on this page, as past minutes are readily available here.
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Current Agenda
This agenda is for the most recent or upcoming meeting of the ILAPSC.
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These are the minutes from April 28, 2016.


Forms for the 2016 ILAPSC Conterence.
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Sponsor Exhibitor Form
If your business or agency is interested in becoming a Sponsor/Exhibitor at our 2016 Fourth Annual Illinois Association Of Problem-Solving Courts Conference event you'll need this form.
2017 Conference Flyer Coming Soon!
Conference Registration Flyer
A Registration Fee of $195.00 includes Fee includes Wednesday evening reception (cash bar), continental breakfast Thursday and Friday, lunch on Thursday, Thursday evening reception (cash bar), a one year membership to ILAPSC and continuing education credits. *DOES NOT INCLUDE HOTEL, TRANSPORTATION, FOOD, OR BEVERAGES, OTHER THAN WHAT IS LISTED HERE.

Drug Court:

Documents with information relative to Drug Courts.
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Data Collection Site
View the Data Collections Directions. The Drug Court Data Reporting System is a web-based data collection device. It was created by the Office of Web Services at the University of Illinois Sringfield. The Illinois Drug Court Reporting System will be used by personnel in Drug Courts in Illinois counties to enter monthly data. The data may be used to examine the relationship between crime and drug use.
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Kane County Brochure:
Brochure for Kane County Treatment Alternative Court Program.
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Membership Application
Application for Membership of the Illinois Association of Problem-Solving Courts.
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Memorandum of Understanding for New Drug Courts
Drug Court Memorandum Of Understanding for key participants in the Drug Court Grant Planning Committee agree to the implementation of a Drug Court in their Illinois County. They commit to make provisions for the training of attorneys to participate in drug court and to understand the nature of drug addiction and treatment. Ongoing training and participation in Drug Court Associations is also necessary.
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Resolution Sample County Board Resolution Authorizing Collection of $5 Fee Pursuant to 55 /5-1101(f)

Sample County Board Resolution authorizing collection of fee to support County Drug Court. Each County in which a Drug Court program has been created, a County may adopt a mandatory fee of up to $5.00 to be assessed pursuant to statute.

Mental Health Courts:

Documents with information relative to Mental Health Courts.
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Mentally Ill Defendants Benefit from Kane County Treatment Alternative Court
The Kane County Treatment Alternative Court (TAC) serves defendants who have serious and persistent mental illness, co-occurring disorders, or developmental disabilities that become involved in the criminal justice system. The Kane County Treatment Alternative Court is intended to be a systematic approach that brings together community based agencies to address defendant's needs and to provide comprehensive case management in an effort to reduce future criminal activity and incarceration in the Kane County Adult Justice Center. The defendants work closely with the Court personnel and the treatment team to reach psychiatric stability, achieve positive behavioral changes and reduce criminal recidivism.


Various documents with information not related to the other categories on this page.
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Bylaws of Illinois Association of Problem-Solving Courts.
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Website Policy and Disclaimer
ILAPSC Website Policy and Inclusion Criteria

Veterans Courts:

Documents with information relative to Veterans Courts.
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Justice-Involved Veterans Structured Evidence Review FINAL
A Structured Evidence Review to Identify Treatment Needs of Justice-Involved Veterans and Associated Psychological Interventions.

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