2017 Conference Handouts

5th Annual Illinois Association Of Problem-Solving Courts Conference


Handouts For Thursday General Session - 8:15 AM:

Equity and Inclusion in Treatment Courts - Anne Janku 


Handouts For Thursday General Session - 10:30 AM:

The Importance of Integrating Correctional and Behavioral Health Intervention - David D'Amora 


Thursday Breakout Sessions - 1:45 PM:

Ethics and Problem-Solving Courts - Panel  

Medication-Assisted Treatment - Kathleen West  

Navigating VA Services - Military Acronyms Defined  

Navigating VA Services - Phonetic Alphabet  

Navigating VA Services - Presentation - Panel  

Navigating VA Services - Springfield Vet Center Pamphlet  

Revisiting Phases and Incorporating Alternative Tracks - Meghan Wheeler  

Sanctions Incentives and Therapeutic Adjustments - Stephen Goss  

Understanding ASAM Criteria and Placement - Terrence Walton  


Thursday Breakout Sessions - 3:30 PM :

Assessing Risk and Need in the Criminal Justice System - Daniel Hunt 

Challenges Of Legalizing Marijuana And Its Impact On Treatment Courts 

Challenges of Legalizing Marijuana - NADCP Board Position Statement 

Co-Occurring Disorders in Treatment Courts - Stephen Goss  

Domestic Violence and Veterans Treatment Courts - Kathleen West  

Housing the Criminal Justice Population - Panel  

Screening and Assessments for Problem-Solving Courts - Daniel Hunt  

The Role of the Judge in Problem-Solving Courts-Hon. Janet Holmgren  


Handouts for Friday General Session - 8:00 AM:

The Impact of Trauma in Treatment Courts - Steve Hanson 


Handouts for Friday General Session - 10:15 AM:

Illinois State Commission on Criminal Justice and Sentancing Reform - David Risley 

Thank You for your interest in the 5th Annual Illinois Association Of Problem-Solving Courts Conference.
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